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Flint Stone Jewellery


Flint Gemstone Meanings, Properites and  Qualities

Flint  Also known as fairy shot, elf shot, and elf arrow. Flint is a hard, sedimentary  cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz, categorized as a variety of cherd. It occurs chiefly as nodules and masses in sedimentary rocks, such as chalks and limestones. Inside the nodule, flint is usually dark grey, black, green, white, or brown in colour, and often has a glassy or waxy appearance. A thin layer on the outside of the nodules is usually different in colour, typically white and rough in texture. From apetrological point of view, "flint" refers specifically to the form ofchert which occurs in chalk or marly limestone. Similarly, "common chert" (sometimes referred to simply as "chert") occurs in limestone.

Flint Gemstone Meanings - Emotional, Spiritual, etc.

  • Flint stone is said to prevent nightmares.
  • Flint stone can help when you need to pay a lot of attention to your work.
  • Gives a strong boost to your mental state and is extremely helpful for persons who have been afflicted by degenerative diseases.
  • Flint stone helps feel more whole and healthy.
  • In the past Flint stone were used to protect one against the magic of elves and faeries, and small pieces of Flint were placed in the house to protect it against lightning because this stone was/is sacred to the God Thor (or Donar)
  • Wear or carry a flint stone as an amulet for protection against evil forces, to ward off nightmares, and to overcome shyness. 

Garnet Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.

  • Flint is reputed to treat kidney stones, skin lesions, indigestion and disorders of the lungs and liver.
  • The healing powers of the Flint concentrate on the hormones, the kidneys and the nerves.
  • It protects its wearer against inflammations and infections of the kidneys and the urinary tract. 
  • Also all endocrine glands that produce the hormones are strengthened by wearing this stone. 
  • Depressions are diminished and it helps its wearer through extremely stressed situations. 
  • Flint also relieves shyness.



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