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Carnelian Stone Jewellery


Carnelian Gemstone Meanings, Properties & Qualities

Carnelian is the name given to a specific colour of agate. The word carnelian comes from the latin word for flesh (carnis). It applies to any agate that is red to dark orange to brownish in colour. Sometimes referred to as cornelion, it is found primary in India, and various sites around South America. Also found in Brazil, Australia, Russia and the US. Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony.

The most favorable pieces are deep-red to red-orange in colour. A moderately hard stone that is capable of taking a hard polish. Used for thousands of years - from the Egyptians, who filled tombs with carnelian, as they thought it had great power, and would help the souls journey to the afterlife.

Once classed as just the property of the noble classes, carnelian was often associated with social status.

Carnelian and Libra

Librans are renowned for have trouble making decisions. Carnelian is a great stone for Librans because it aids with making decisions.

Carnelian Gemstone Meanings - Emotional, Spiritual, etc.

  • Carnelian protects from bad vibrations.
  • Carnelian can help calm the temper.
  • Carnelian helps an insecure person find strength from within.
  • Carnelian can help with poverty.
  • Carnelian can help in focusing and in realising goals.
  • Carnelian is great for Librans - aid decision making.
  • Carnelian helps to banish sorrow.
  • Carnelian helps give a sense of humor.
  • Carnelian can give career success.
  • Carnelian can help in drama and theatrical productions etc.

Carnelian Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.

  • Carnelian helps stop the flow of blood - helps to heal wounds and cures blood diseases.
  • Carnelian helps to increase physical energy.
  • Carnelian is an energy booster.
  • Carnelian can be recommended for infertility and impotency.
  • Carnelian helps to increase sexual energy.
  • Carnelian increases appetite.
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