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Amazonite Jewellery


Amazonite Gemstone Meanings, Properites and  Qualities

Can be iridescent in colour and anywhere from pale green to pale blue in colour. It gets its name from the belief that this gemstone came from the Amazon River in South America. Its colour is not uniform and can have different shades of these colours all in the same gemstone. It can be a beautiful deep blue/green colour with white stripes.

Mined throughout the world in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Australia, Russia, Namibia and the US. It is formed in granite rocks, not produced synthetically and is usually set as a cabochon because it breaks easily if faceted. This gemstone that hasn't had much written about it.

Great gemstone for artists and men. Pale azure blue amazonite is know as the lucky "Hope Stone".

Amazonite Gemstone Meanings - Emotional, Spiritual, etc

  • Amazonite helps calm emotional and mental turmoil; helps you address the facts whilst taking into account your intuitive wisdom.
  • Amazonite promotes kindness.
  • Amazonite helps courage of personal expression.
  • Amazonite balances feminine and masculine energy.
  • Amazonite helps combine the left and right side of the brain.
  • Amazonite is great for communication.
  • Amazonite may help to dissolve sadness.
  • Amazonite helps with courage.
  • Amazonite helps you speak the truth - if you have a challenging situation to face amazonite is the gemstone for you.
  • Amazonite is great for public speaking - carry or wear it.
  • Amazonite promotes practicality.
  • Amazonite helps balance emotions.
  • Amazonite relates to the 5th chakra - throat chakra.
Amazonite Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.
  • Amazonite has a soothing effect on our nervous system and brain.
  • Amazonite helps improve the skin.
  • Amazonite aids physical stamina.
  • Amazonite helps alleviate stress and exhaustion.
  • Amazonite strengthens the nerves.
  • Amazonite helps regulate metabolic disturbances.
  • Amazonite helps with heart complaints due to grief.
  • It has been known for women to wear amazonite to keep their marriage happy.
  • Amazonite has been known to aid in childbirth.
  • Amazonite is good for the skeletal system.




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